Monday, October 24, 2005

A hesitant debut

Am trying this thing out, like a million others must be at this very time. If you come across this and find nothing to take away, do excuse me. Thanks.


mallemaala said...

when the hesitant crow-fox-ramu-shamu-english-teacher has turned the snail in for retirement.

From Oct 2005 it was a looooooong wait, for you to appear in your true garb, almost a year for the larva to break through the chrysalis........this is 2006

as they say better NOW than NEVER,

keep us LAUGHING.At the Oddities of life.

ravisse said...

2007 was a good year- the hesitancy vanished.
Enjoyed KG, YT, Mac et al.

But liked best the Haiku-nature of Top Inn. Methinks mostly in brevity lies the soul of your wit.