Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Top Inn

(Top Inn is an Irani Cafe-cum-eatery in Hyderabad)

Rosewood colored tea
Lands with a thud

The new boy's interpretation
Of my Medium Kadak


2 nos. Yellow
3 nos. Red
2 nos. Off-White
All lined up in beer mugs

Rajasthani ethic
Serving juice
To confused Hyderabad


In the awe-struck gaze
Of the 8-year old
The resolve to be
A future smoker


Bat-wielding boys
Storm in to plunder
The afternoon's water supply
And argue simultaneously
The umpire's decision


Meridian School Bus
Cramps the single lane

But everything quietens
And everyone fixes

As she springs out with a smirk
This buxom 8-year old Woman


Chennai Masala Dosa
Hampshire Cream Bun
Surati Chaat
Chinese Manchurian

Dining Hall devours
World Kitchen's vomit


Daily gym-mates
Reunite with high-fives
Admiring each other's
Maa ke Loudeys


Phone rings always
With deadlines and disputes
But I hang in here
At the edge of my seat no. 1


Water truck has arrived
The oldest boy orders us
To clear out bikes
Relishing his moment under the sun


The rampant Fan
Circulates smoke
As well as Rafi


I cringe to sit at the table
Strewn with left-overs of
Gluttonous strangers

A small boy with a rag and tub
Clears it with the unhesitant calmness
Of an Aghori

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ringmaster and Clown

Thou shalt not be the first
In any queue
Ok! I will master my destiny

Thou shalt not meet another man
Identically dressed
Ok! I will find a soul-mate

Thou shalt lose within a week
Every new pen
Ok! I will keep my word

Thou shalt not use the other hand
To brush teeth
Ok! I will think out of the box

Thou shalt find funny
Another language
Ok! I will live and let live

Thou shalt believe you look like
Your mirror image
Ok! I will be myself

Grrr! Thou shalt never comprehend
This Show
Huh? Ok! I will make my own film

Fool and Dog

Fool would drive to 37th milestone
Dog in tow, for 5am sunshow

Disembarking there he would adorn
Dog and Fool, with blindfold of wool

Both then would proceed without caution
To netherside, across black tide

Once there they would open to all
Dog his throat, Fool his coat

A minute thence would start real business
Pluck weed, pluck flower, pluck root

Till 60th minute don't rest pluck pluck all
Mmm! plenty, plenty, today's bounty

Satisfied they would play game of "Statue"
Dog "Statue!", Fool "Statue!"

Game would end on fly-past of them gnats
Relief, but belief

Business then would be to pack bags
With weed, with flower, with root

Standing there Fool would adorn
Dog and Fool, with blindfold of wool

Both then would proceed without caution
To hitherside, across black tide

Fool would drive to 38th milestone
Make U-turn, to return

At home all through remaining day
Set weed flower root, on door shower and boot

This they did till Fool's 81st year
Why? But why? They had asked Fool and Dog
I can't say, he would say
Fool with this peculiar habit

This they did till Fool's 81st year
On his deathbed, he died

Dog without pause continued these duties
Not for duty, not for respect

This Dog did till Dog's 96th year
The longest ever dog, the solemost cog

On Dog's deathbed they asked But Why?
I can't say, he said
"But atleast I learnt to drive"