Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Burma Bazaar Anthem

Raze The Ant
And Race A Car
So we seen, so we seen

Fry The Bird
And Fly A Plane
So we seen, so we seen

Knife The Fish
And Dive A Sub
So we seen, so we seen

Keep The Wed
And Bed A Keep
(Chorus with clapping, laughing, whistling and dancing)
So we seen, so we done

The First don't last
When Fake counter Feat
So you see, so you see

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Who shouts wins

A poet's predicament
Is that of a Crow:

"Am I to your detriment?
Or help you grow"

"Am I but an increment?
Or a garrulous flow"

"Do I fly off the firmament?
Or just walk slow"

For we can talk and debate
Subject and predicate
Heart, soul and intellect
Rough and delicate

All depends if the statement
Is above or below


Are irony and paradox
Different as rabbit from fox?

Rabbit, adorable ball of fluff
So delicious meatpuff

Fox, abhorrent cousin cur
So not my meal sir

Then so it is with Humans
That what they call love
They eat.
The rest is merely
Window dressed thought

Why my dog should go to school

2230 hrs.


Having finished their Sunday dinner, the residents are lazily bracing themselves up for the following day. Those who don't have to go to work are drinking, speeding down the roads and trying to get into The Times Of India.

Taj Krishna is doing its vociferous bit, hosting a Tambola for zealots.

I have to bathe. Just a few more steps and I'll be home.

My dog, sapped by the day's heat, has dozed off at the gate, unmindful of the passing cars, which he would otherwise abuse wholeheartedly.

Suddenly, he snaps to life, launching an audio-visual assault on the newly-arrived smell and sight.

I walk in amused at his stupidity, for I have only gotten myself a Ramu-Shamu haircut.


Grant this otherwise noble creature
An English teacher
To teach English
And foil rubbish

Otherwise this noble creature
Grant an English teacher
To foil English
And teach rubbish